Meir Panim
ישראל בת 60
General Description of the Concert

Precisely where the Judean Desert meets the everlasting city of Jerusalem, at the foot of the breathtaking ancient walls, a grand and prestigious philharmonic orchestra will perform a once-in-a-lifetime concert, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Israel.

The philharmonic orchestra will be the magical result of a historic reunion between two grand classical orchestras from Istanbul, Turkey and Ra'anana, Israel. Together with Maestro Shlomo Mintz and talented violinists from different origins and countries, the orchestra will perform a musical masterpiece with unique violins that share their destiny with the Jewish People's.

Those violins were found almost totally destroyed, in the silence of hell, in liberated camps and empty Ghettos, at the end of the Second World War. One by one, the violins have been brought back to life and for the first time after more than 60 years of silence, they will sound under the sky of Jerusalem.

Together with the violins, the majestic historic walls of the Old City, will come alive with thousands of lights synchronized to the music and will generate an unprecedented image of hope and peace.

Celebrities from around the world will join Maestro Shlomo Mintz and the musicians from abroad and Israel and together with a privileged audience of 3000 will bear witness to an unparalleled celebration of music and history.

The funds raised by the "Violins of Hope" concert will be entirely committed to Meir Panim's social and humanitarian projects in Israel.